Best Body 2013: Check-In

updateUPDATE:  The official Mile-time is 7 minutes and 37 seconds, a personal best, EVER!

(update made at 7:00 p.m. on August 2, 2013; original article posted at 10:35 a.m. on August 2)

Here are the goals from July 16:

Goal 1: Yoga everyday

Goal 2: Re-Introduce Weight Training

Goal 3: 1-Mile in 8:20

Goal 4: Weight Loss of 5-8 pounds

…and now, an analysis of the results:

Goal 1:  As for doing Yoga everyday? I massively failed.  I did Yoga twice between July 16-now.  Where is this disconnect?  I need to make this a daily practice.  I’ll feel better.  I’ll breathe better.  My body will become more limber and it will help me tone – and alleviate muscle cramps and aches (especially after running).  Goal 2:  I did re-introduce weights into my exercise regiment – though I barely would consider this goal accomplished.  Between July 16-now, I re-introduced weights once and felt the effects for two-three days (this is where Yoga daily would have improved this result!)

Goal 3:  Run 1 mile in 8:20.  Um, I haven’t ran a mile since the last one – so this goal? Let’s not talk about it. I’m going after work today to clock a mile and will post an update this afternoon/evening.  Goal 4:  Lose 5-8 pounds.  Again, my lack of exercise consistency, paired with horrible eating habits last weekend stifled this goal.  While not a complete failure (I did lose 3.2 pounds; bringing my current weight to 220.4), I need to up my game!

…It’s time to re-focus.  I know what I’m capable of.  Last year, Nate (my former-trainer) brought out the best in me – he pushed me to places I knew I was capable of going – but sometimes – there’s that little voice in your head that says I can’t – and then there’s one that says I can.  This last two week cycle – the I can’t voice was louder.  Time to shut that little devil down.


1.  CONSISTENCY:  Between now and August 15 (the next update) – I NEED to LOG a minimum of 11 work-outs!

2.  YOGA:  Yoga needs to be a daily practice! I didn’t do it yesterday – so there’s strike ONE.  I have 13 days to make it happen.

3.  WEIGHT LOSS:  Average weekly weight-loss should be 2-3 pounds depending on activity level.  In July I lost 6.8 pounds (or roughly 1.5 pounds per week – considering there were 4 1/2 weeks in July!)  That’s not good enough.  I know my standards – time to meet them.  By August 15, I’m checking in with a minimum weight loss of 5 pounds!

I’m going with three goals these next two weeks – and they’re big ones.  Now, time to wrap this up and to go get my Zen on!

NOTE:  On July 1, I said I was beginning a Stratusphere 30-Day Challenge.  That didn’t happen – this month, I’m going to work MUCH harder and hopefully shift into Stratusphere beginning August 16!

SUCCESS:  It’s easy to micromanage your goals and forget to look at the big picture, but here’s some good news: Since June 2, 2013 I’ve lost a total of 11.4 pounds! I’m on my way – slowly, but surely.  Time to amp this up. #BestBody2013 #ShutTheDevilDown