Best Body 2013: Check-In (8/15)

update3Hello again everyone.  Here we are with another #BestBody2013 update.  Last time I checked in I had a few goals:

(1) Consistency:  It was my goal to log a minimum of 11 work-outs between August 1 and now.  I managed only 6.  That’s not a complete failure, but it’s not a success either.  It’s still a half-ass effort on my part.

(2) Yoga: I haven’t made it a daily practice (yet), but my body has seen more downward-facing dogs and my mind has experienced more meditation in these last couple weeks than it did in most of July.  I’m improving on this front.

(3) Weight Loss:  I know I said I was losing a minimum of 5 pounds before this check in.  The last official weigh-in was 220.4 pounds.  Today’s official weigh-in? 219.6.  I didn’t even lose 1 pound, but I have dropped below the 220 pound mark, which isn’t insignificant! I could attribute this to adding weight-training back into the mix – because even though the scale isn’t showing me what I want to see, my clothes are feeling better on me – which means I’m achieving something.

In the August 1 post, I said I’d be beginning a Stratusphere 30-Day Challenge on August 16.  However, then I didn’t take into account a trip to Mark Twain Lake (Aug. 16-18) or Cody’s (my four year-old nephew) final week here before he goes home to Washington.  So I’m scheduling a new Stratusphere 30-Day Challenge start date for Wednesday, August 28! I’ll register online at Stratusphere 30-Day Challenge – via

For this update, I have two goals, the first of which borrows from Nike’s slogan:

(1) Just Do It! I’ll need to work on developing a yoga practice daily – doing cardio 4-5 times per week – and incorporating weight training on a consistent basis.  So here’s my pledge to you, and ultimately myself – I’m going to make this process transparent.  I’ll keep an exercise log and on the next check-in date, September 1, I’m reporting EVERYTHING and YOU and I will both see when I have/haven’t exercised and what I have/haven’t done.

(2) Weight Loss – Ideally, I’d love to pass the next milestone and drop below 215 pounds.  That said, my goal these next two weeks is to work hard and see where I end up.  So I’m going to have a weight range I’ll accept for September 1.  The goal is for me to weigh-in next time somewhere in the range of 213-217 pounds!

See you in September!